Series Rules:

  1. There is no special nomination required to compete in the MATCH Series. Nominations to stakes in the MATCH Series are to be made in accordance with the procedures established by the track where they are run.
  2. Points are earned per horse on each race in each division in the MATCH Series by finishing:
    First: 10 points
    Second: 7 points
    Third: 5 points
    Fourth: 3 points
    Fifth: 2 points
    Sixth-Last: 1 point
  3. A horse must participate in at least three races within its division to be eligible for bonuses.
  4. Bonus points will distributed for participation in four or more MATCH Series races, regardless of finish. These points are awarded in addition to points earned by placings:
    5 Starts: 7 total bonus points
    4 Starts: 5 total bonus points
  5. If a race is canceled for whatever reason, the race will be rescheduled if at all possible.
  6. If a horse is disqualified after the race is made official, the points will be redistributed based upon final placement.
  7. Points earned in different divisions or by different horses can not be combined for year end totals for owner or trainer bonus money awards.
  8. Bonus money earned by a horse that is sold and/or changes trainer during the series will be distributed pro-rata based upon the number of points earned by each owner and/or trainer.
  9. No horse which has earned points in a division will be denied the opportunity to start in a series race in that division unless the horse is ineligible for bonus money.  
  10. Races may be split if deemed appropriate. If a race is split, all competing horses will earn points.
  11. In the event of a dead heat, points will be added for the positions that are involved in the dead heat and then divided by the number of horses in the dead heat.

Bonus Money Distribution:

First place purse distributions for each MATCH Series race will be reduced from 60% to 55% to supplement a total bonus pool of $400,000.

$2,200,000 = Total Stakes Purses
$110,000 = 5% purse of each race. (55% share to winner)
$116,000 = Bonus funds from Maryland Horsemen
$87,000 = Bonus funds from Parx Horsemen
$58,000 = Bonus funds from Colonial Horsemen
$29,000 = Bonus funds from Penn National Horsemen

$400,000 = Total 2022 Bonus Pool

Bonus money will be awarded to the owners and trainers of the top three points earners in each of the four MATCH Series divisions based on points earned within their division.

Finish Owner Trainer
1st $30,000 $15,000
2nd $20,000 $10,000
3rd $10,000 $7,500

In the event of ties within divisions, tie breakers will be determined in the following order:

(1) Number of wins in the division.
(2) Number of starts in the division.
(3) Highest earnings in the division.

Additionally, bonus money will be awarded to the owner and trainer of the overall top point earner. This is in addition to money earned as a division winner.

Finish Owner Trainer
1st $20,000 $10,000

In the event of a tie for MATCH grand champion, the tie breaker will be determined as follows:

(1) Number of wins in the division.
(2) Number of starts in the division.
(3) Number of seconds in the division.

Additionally, $5,000 bonuses will be distributed to breeders. Pennsylvania and Virginia will recognize the top male and female state-bred runners based on overall MATCH Series points, while Maryland will offer the bonuses to the top Maryland-bred and Maryland-sired horses by overall points earned.


Finish MD-Bred MD-Sired
1st $3,000 $3,000